Thursday, February 14, 2013

                                    ( KALIYA)

When  Lord  Krishna  was  still  young,  there  is  a  story 
of  how  a  poisonous snake  called  Kaliya  took  refuge  in 
the  Yamuna  river.  One  day  as  Krishna was  playing  with
his  friends,  the ball  with which  they  were  playing  fell into
the  river.  One of  the  cowherd  boys  went  to  retrieve  the  ball. 
When he  went  inside  the  river  the  snake  caught  hold  of  the
boy  and  carried him  into  the  river.  All the children  were  
shocked  and  started  to  shout. Krishna  took  pity  on  the  boy  
and  jumped  into  the  river and fought with the snake.
Kaliya  wrapped  his  coils  around  Lord  Krishna and  pulled 

 him  down.  Krisha  fought with the snake  and  soon  
afterwards  he  appeared  out  of  water  dancing  on
the  head  of  Kaliya.



To  understand  the deeper  meaning  of  the  story,  remember
 that  the  Basic  chakra  is  at  the  base  of  the  spine and the  
sex  chakra is   at  the  pubic area  in  front  of  the  basic  chakra.  
What  comes  out  of  the  sex  chakra?

LIQUID-     The  sex  Chakra  is  connected  with  water.  
                   It  is  symbolized  by  the  river.

THE  SNAKE-  Represents  the  kundalini  energy.


Caduceus  consists   of  three main nadis. Ida gala , pingala

and  sushubna.    Ida  gala starts from the left  of  the basic chakra

and reaches the right side of the ajna ( In the perineum area).

Pingala starts from the right of the basic chakra and  reaches
the left of ajna chakra (perineum Area).  Sushubna is the central chord.
This three nadis look like a snake,  and traditionally  these  three  
are  considered  to  be  the  three  main  highways  of  awakened
These  three  nerves  regulate  the  flow  of  prana  through  the
 entire  nervous  system.  This  regulating effect is  there even before
 kundalini is awakened. As the awakening occurs, the flow of
prana in the sushumna dominates, but the ida and pingala are
awakened  too. Caduceus  plays  an very important role in
the kundalini awakening.  That is why kundalini is referred  to  as 
 the serpent  power  since  it  rises  through the caduceus.
As  long  as  the  kundalini  energy  is  stuck  in  the  sex  and 

lower  chakras and  is  not  brought  to  the  crown,  the  person 
is  caught  in  the  Maya (desires). That’s  why  when  the  

cowherd  was  caught  by  the  snake  he  was not  able  to  fight  back.

He  is  stuck  up  in  the  lower  chakras  and  is  caught up  in  the 

worldly  desires  and  maya.

By  meditating  you  can  bring  the  divine  energy  and  conquer

the kundalini.  When  the kundalini energy reaches the crown,

the person becomes  an  illumined  person.  An awakened person is

never caught  in  Maya (desires). Krishna is  always  on  the  top  of  

the serpent  because  Krishna  or  the  divine  energy  controls  the 

 kundalini  energy.  Or  we can say  Krishna   has conquered the

kundalini energy. That is  why  symbolically  speaking,  Krishna  is  

standing  on  top  of  the  cobra and dancing on it. Dancing  

 symbolically  represents  the  true  state  of  happiness  of  his  mind.


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